facade cleaning guide

What the façade cleaning guide offers

The guide offers an in-depth look at the traditional façade cleaning methods and their characteristics in order to understand both their benefits and pitfalls.

  • Issues of access, water, and waste containment are all examined.

  • Potential impacts on both building occupiers and the public are considered.

  • The guide also explores a dry, non-abrasive alternative method and how the above issues are minimised, whilst the benefits of speed, value and sustainability are maximised.

Written in simple, no-nonsense language, this comparative guide gives you clear and accurate advice to ensure a successful building façade cleaning project.

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About Thomann-Hanry®

As an award-winning facade expert and external restoration contractor, Thomann-Hanry® have cleaned and restored hundreds of UK’s historic building façades using a unique patent-protected, non-scaffold façade cleaning system. Thomann-Hanry®’s façade gommage® is the only system specifically designed to professionally clean building façades without the need for scaffolding, enabling businesses to function normally while works are taking place.

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