Hotel building cleaners – in the hotel trade, the exterior of a building says everything.

In the hotel trade, the exterior of your building says more about your business to prospective guests (not to mention your staff) than anything else, so it’s vital that your premises look their absolute best.

“However, conventional cleaning methods are not only environmentally unsound but also mean months of unsightly scaffolding that can severely impact on trade. The solution? façade gommage®. Carried out from a lorry-mounted boom, this patented technique from London specialists building cleaners Thomann-Hanry® transform buildings within days – and with no sign of scaffolding or disruption to your business.

Having revived many of London’s most illustrious hotels and venues, Thomann-Hanry® building cleaners are currently working their magic on three landmark buildings within three square miles of London’s prestigious West End – Pall Mall’s historic Reform Club, Sofitel St James’s and the Bulgari Hotel and Residences in Knightsbridge.

Thomann-Hanry® – transforming hotels and notable buildings in the hospitality sector.

Listed monument or contemporary landmark, every building is subject to the elements – nowhere more so than in busy city centres. In the hospitality sector, where first impressions are paramount, restoring and protecting façades is essential, yet many operators resist traditional cleaning methods, deterred by the prospect of weeks, even months, of unsightly scaffolding and disruption.

However, as owners of many of Britain’s most prestigious hotels and clubs have discovered, there is another way.

Using the patented façade gommage® technique, building cleaners Thomann-Hanry® restore exteriors to their former glory – without scaffolding and usually within a matter of days. Equally effective on stone, terracotta or brick, no water, chemicals or detergent are used. Instead, ultrafine powders are projected under low-pressure from a cabin attached to a hydraulic boom, gently cleaning contaminated surfaces. (more)

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