The one stop solution for glass-metal façade restoration – in partnership with NeroQom®

Established since 2001 in the industry and boasting a track record of hundreds of successfully treated façades, NeroQom® have the experience to give dedicated, bespoke advice on metal and glass restoration when washing and cleaning is no longer delivering satisfactory results.

As leading façade cleaning and restoration specialists implicitly trusted by our clients, the NeroQom® alliance is not only a natural fit but also a logical extension of our capabilities. Our resulting ability to give reliable, expert advice and carry out a wider range of works to an even higher standard is rapidly propelling Thomann-Hanry® to the forefront of the industry.

From metal cleaning and metal restoration to glass polishing and glass scratch removal, our partnership with NeroQom® brings a new dimension to the Thomann-Hanry® service portfolio. As a result, we offer a range of techniques and products specifically designed for the protection, restoration, cleaning and repair of contemporary building surfaces and cladding such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium and glass. An established authority in the restoration of historic buildings, Thomann-Hanry® are now your first port of call for the preservation of modern architecture, too.

“Our partnership with NeroQom® is a natural fit – both companies are leaders in their respective fields and share the same ethos, market position and direction. For many years we have wrestled with the dual challenges of optimising techniques and sourcing knowledgeable suppliers in this field, overcoming not only a dearth of knowledge and information but also a tendency towards secrecy within the industry. All of that has now changed and we are in a position to advise and restore the most sensitive of materials.”

Mark Styles

Thomann-Hanry® Managing Director

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Sven Brinkman – Thomann-Hanry® Metal Façade Consultant
NeroQom® CEO

It is 26 years since Sven began his career in the construction industry and the specialised field of cleaning glass-metal façades.

In 1999, a time when limescale and concrete stains were a widespread issue, he discovered a revolutionary concept in glass restoration. According to his findings, it became possible to restore glass without using aggressive products. Using Sven’s method, cleaning and restoring façade glass and metal could now be carried out in accordance with the façade manufacturer’s specifications, with PH-neutral and non-abrasive impregnators and techniques. No longer requiring the use of water, this inventive technology was the first dry system on the market.

The method presents no health risks to the technician, no collateral damage to surrounding façade materials and no environmental issues.

Faster and more effective, it is also a technique that has single-handedly rendered the restoration of modern architecture façade materials environmentally friendlier than ever before.

Sven established NeroQom® in 2001, with the aim of continuing to develop bespoke products to tackle staining on glass, coated surfaces, anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Under his focused and ambitious leadership, NeroQom® is now established as a market leader in the restoration and protection of glass-metal building façades across Europe.
His work portfolio encompasses prestigious buildings such as The Rotterdam, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, NATO in Brussels, Bloomberg HQ in London and P21 in Stockholm, as well as airports, high-rise buildings and other commercial projects.

Sven also works on superyachts, including MY Madame GU 99 metre, MY Ocean Victory 140 metre and SY Black Pearl 106 metre, to name but a few.

“Our decades of experience in the superyacht industry has enabled us to travel the world, working in the most demanding environments with almost unlimited budgets to experiment with the most advanced materials available – the most recent of which are sprayed ceramic coatings. Superyachts require ongoing annual maintenance, allowing us to monitor performance and adjust our methods as necessary.”

Sven Brinkman

CEO, NeroQom®

Whether projects are still under construction or already in existence, Sven is able to offer tailored consultancy and long-term maintenance solutions. Enthusiastic and passionate in his field of expertise, Sven travels the world researching the industry and continuing to develop niche specialist products and technologies.

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