Listed buildings

When considering works to a Listed building, Listed Building Consent (which is separate from Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval) is usually required.

Here at Thomann-Hanry® we directly employ highly qualified consultants capable of submitting applications and supervising works, as well as dealing with any queries which arise along the way.

Over the last ten years, we have worked on hundreds of Listed buildings from Grade II up to Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Our façade gommage® system was recently evaluated by conservationists using infrared microspectroscopy, prior to approval by Historic England, and was shown to be no more disruptive to the surface than water cleaning. Using no water or chemicals, we remove the pollutants without adversely affecting the patina, thereby preserving the character of the stone.

Our restoration teams are well versed in best practice and working as much on stucco and lime render projects as they are on Portland stone, Yorkstone and granite buildings.

We have carried out significant restoration projects on prestigious Grade I Listed estates such as “Cliveden House” and “Dropmore Park” and stucco rendering on grand private houses such as “47 Belgrave Square” and “115 Eaton Square”.

In 2015, we restored the “Bank of England”, a project which included cleaning, restoration, stone carving and leadwork.

Globally, we have cleaned three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hundreds of the world’s most famous buildings, such as the “Kremlin Palace Hall”, “Canadian Parliament” and the “Louvre Museum”. In 2014, we were employed by the State of New York as one of just three companies allowed to carry out trial cleans on the 3500-year-old “New York Obelisk”, all of which were highly successful.

façade gommage® facade cleaning system cleans masonry sensitively and without abrasion. Building facades remain visible to the public at all times and visitor’s experience remains unaffected.