Aqua Fend® G extends the aesthetic and physical life of paving and flooring, ensuring that future cleaning and maintenance costs are minimised for up to eight years. The guarantee can be assured if required.

Aqua Fend® G makes the cleaning and ongoing maintenance of flooring and paving significantly easier.

For flooring protection, it offers:

  • Immediate reduction in costly cleaning operations with a quick return on investment.
  • An all-in-one and long-term protection against water, oil, dirt, stains and fouling.
  • Invisible protection.
  • UV resistant – does not discolour the treated surface.
  • Easy chewing gum removal – reduces the adhesion of chewing gum to the surface.
  • Easy application and suitable for interior and outdoor use. 0% VOCs, non-toxic, non-hazardous, solvent – and silicone-free.
  • Minimal re-treatment requirements, required only when the surface has worn – depending on footfall.
  • Resistance to mild acids, alkalis and fuel.
  • A product that does not alter the slip resistance of your surface.

Specialist Stone Care operatives regularly apply Aqua Fend® G on flooring surfaces which can be kept stain-free through standard maintenance cleaning techniques, keeping public places looking their absolute best all year round and saving vast sums of money in specialised cleaning.


King’s Cross Station

Every day, 150,000 people travel through King’s Cross Station. After a £500m redevelopment, all this heavy traffic comes at a price, and commuters, taxis, and pests all leave an unwanted mess.

While daily cleaning operations can temporarily maintain a natural finish, this is a costly exercise for owners, whose chose Thomann-Hanry® to successfully seal the flooring by protecting the capillaries of the surface with Aqua Fend® G. Contaminants will not penetrate, enabling routine cleaning operations to remove otherwise problematic stains.

Aqua Fend® G significantly reduces ongoing maintenance and cleaning costs, ensuring the ‘as new’ look lasts for longer.


Once a natural stone surface has been cleaned and restored, regular maintenance is of the utmost importance.

As part of our aftercare services, full advice is provided to enable daily cleaning and housekeeping teams to maintain the floor. This agenda includes advice on suitable cleaning chemicals and machinery, together with a programme for periodic maintenance, ensuring that the flooring will keep its appearance all year round.

Complementary processes such as colour enhancement and surface coating (polish) can also be employed when looking for flooring protection.

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Aqua Fend

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