Façade cleaning

Is your building exterior looking dull?

Your building should represent all that you are about as a business, so the last thing you want is to scaffold it into an eye sore. By removing scaffolding, we can ensure that it looks its best throughout all works.

  • We clean façades faster, conveniently and more cost-effectively
  • Our system is dry and non-abrasive
  • With no need for scaffolding, it’s hassle-free and causes minimal disruption
  • We can be up and running within two hours of arrival on site
  • The less time your business is disrupted, the less money you’ll lose

There is still time to work on your facade before the winter. Contact us to discover how our work can minimise disruption and maximise efficiencies by working without scaffolding.

Façade maintenance versus budget flexibility

A regular maintenance schedule of expert façade repairs will extend the lifespan of your façade and increase your return on investment.

A façade maintenance and repair programme is adjusted to meet onsite and tenant’s requirements or delivered through the night from MEWPs.

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Scaffold-free façade restoration

We use platforms instead of scaffolding, working on masonry repairs and external historic buildings refurbishment.

We have proven to demonstrate the best suitable methods to conserve, repair and restore stone, masonry and statuary monuments.

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About Thomann-Hanry®

Thomann-Hanry® are one of the UK’s leading property restoration specialists, having forged a reputation for remarkable non-scaffold transformations using a unique process called façade gommage® – the world’s leading scaffold-free, dry and non-abrasive facade cleaning technology. It is the only system specifically designed to professionally clean building façades without the need for scaffolding, enabling businesses to function normally while works are taking place. The company work as main contractor carrying out all elements of facade restoration work with minimal disruption.

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