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All too often, the façade of a building is left to endure the elements, with building owners and facilities managers opting to look after the interior rather than the exterior.


We’ve worked on many projects where the buildup of dirt has caused a building’s original materials to become virtually unidentifiable, due most commonly to the 24/7 city lifestyle and the massive pollution created in this environment.

When considering a building exterior clean, using a unique system that does not require the use of scaffolding can make the work significantly easier. Business can continue to run as usual, minimising loss of trade, maximising profit potential and maintaining ‘as normal’ day-to-day operations, whatever the business.

The ultimate facade cleaning system: façade gommage®

façade gommage® facade cleaning system was created and developed by Thomann-Hanry® in Paris. It is a French term that refers to the process of gently cleaning masonry by projecting very fine powders with low-pressure compressed air.

The process starts with an ultra-fine non-abrasive powder dispersed under low pressure along the surface. By moving with the airflow, these low mass particles slowly diminish the dirt with a gentle running action.

The airborne particles are then captured in the vacuum cabin and moistened with a water spray before flushed through a hose to a containment system at ground level for recycling. These non-toxic powders are safe for landfill deposit.

façade gommage®, more than any other cleaning techniques, provides unrivalled results with detailed stonework such as dentils, cornices, modillions, and statues.

The powder is so fine it can clean the smallest of crevices with none of the risks associated with pressurised or superheated water.

Cleaning building facades

Unlike other traditional techniques, which can have a harmful high impact, the façade gommage® system provides perfect results without damage.

Thomann-Hanry®’s façade gommage® facade cleaning system can be especially noticeable when applied to large buildings of 500 sq. m. or more. However, many projects have been undertaken on smaller surfaces with astounding results.

To ensure consistent quality control, the materials and equipment we use – together with our all-important on-site application process – adhere to a uniform standard all over the world.

These procedures assure our clients that every project using the façade gommage® facade cleaning system will achieve the same impeccable standards.

Exclusive scaffold-free façade cleaning

Our specialist cleaning operatives undertake an extensive training programme. On-site, they work with a lightweight vacuum cabin that can be suspended from outriggers or mounted on a hydraulic boom truck, with no need for costly and unsightly scaffolding.

The boom can reach up to 42m – 12 floors from ground level.

Smaller machines are available for buildings in narrow streets or with other limited access.

Exterior building cleaning benefits

by Thomann-Hanry®’s façade gommage®


  • Proven technology: the façade gommage® patented facade cleaning system removes decades of accumulated dirt and pollution that can tarnish the appearance of a building and cause irreversible damage.
  • It has a proven record of cleaning natural stone, brick, terracotta, alabaster, marble, granite, stucco and polychrome surfaces, meeting the requirements of property managers and conservationists worldwide.

Convenience & speed

  • Quick and adaptable, the system works around the client’s business demands, minimising disruption and loss of trade.
  • The cleaning process starts within two hours of arrival on site.
  • Progress can be closely monitored, and projects are completed in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.
  • 500 sq. m. can be cleaned in one day.
  • Thomann-Hanry® obtains all necessary permits from local authorities. We are also able to apply for Listed Building Consent on behalf of our clients.

“Thomann-Hanry®’s façade gommage® system is the perfect solution for cleaning the hotel exteriors. Their unique system meant we were able to clean three elevations, including the main entrance, without disruption to our guests and we were able to keep all our rooms available. The setup and cleaning process is remarkably quick as they do not use scaffold and, most importantly, the results are outstanding.”

Andrew Churchill

Chief Engineer, The Dorchester Hotel


  • The lack of scaffold minimises associated safety issues. By using a cabin, the surrounding area is kept safe and clean for passing pedestrians and building occupants, which makes the system extremely popular with financial institutions, private residences and commercial properties alike.
  • Smaller footprint: the cabin is manned by a single operative and covers a small area of the façade at any given time, with no need for access to internal areas.
  • façade gommage® is a bespoke system globally operated by Thomann-Hanry®’s trained staff and there are no third-parties are involved.

Eco Friendly


  • Unlike other masonry cleaning systems, façade gommage® offers an exceptionally eco-friendly cleaning solution.
  • The process does not require water or chemicals and the powders that are used are either biodegradable or have been made from recycled materials.
  • The spent powder and the dirt from the building are eventually recycled for inclusion within Type 1 aggregate.
  • It offers reduced site traffic due to the lack of scaffolding lorries.

Our unrivalled façade gommage® method has been approved by Historic England on a number of magnificent projects.

If you are concerned about the façade of your building been reflecting poorly on your brand values, contact us to arrange a cleaning sample.


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