Cleaning building facades efficiently, swiftly and to the highest standards

Welcome to Thomann-Hanry®

Did you know that you can clean and restore your building facade without the need for costly and unsightly scaffolding?

Thomann-Hanry® were established in 1946 by Robert Thomann in Paris and brought to the UK in 2005, growing as an award-winning main contractor for facade cleaning and restoration using the façade gommage® system.

Facade experts

Thomann-Hanry® are facade experts occupying a unique position in the crowded building conservation sector. Unlike competitors in the façade cleaning and refurbishment market, the company offers a non-scaffold, dry and non-abrasive solution known as façade gommage®. This patented process projects fine powders under low pressure across masonry and stonework, gently erasing decades of accumulated grime to reveal the building as it first appeared.

Around this core service offering, Thomann-Hanry® have subsequently assembled a range of complementary services to protect, restore and revitalise both historical and contemporary buildings.

We carry out all elements of façade restoration work with minimal disruption, from façade surveying and painting to new stonework and roofing, all completed without scaffolding.

The most common works our teams carry out are:

We have also developed Aqua Fend®, which is a range of four exclusive products to protect buildings, pavements, and floors against a multitude of unwanted contaminants.

Watch our MD Mark Styles on Property Week TV with an insider view of cleaning and restoration of façades. How cleaning buildings have a profound impact on selling them, and other market insights:

Quality Assurance at all levels

Quality, a source of competitive advantage, should stand as a hallmark of any company’s products and services.

Thomann-Hanry® have a dedicated department that takes Quality Assurance, health, safety and the environment very seriously. It differentiates us in the market, instilling in our people a commitment to ensuring that all aspects of health, safety, and care for the environment are observed in all of our activities.

We have a robust QA Management System which underpins the development of all of our products and services. In turn, this enhances customer confidence and our credibility, improving work processes, increasing efficiency, and maintaining the company’s competitive advantage.

At Thomann-Hanry®, we strive to enhance quality and productivity through a culture of collaboration, trust, and loyalty. All of our professionals and operatives are highly qualified and result-oriented, driven to going the extra mile to meet our client’s demands.

“As facade experts, Thomann-Hanry® are at the forefront of the exterior stone cleaning and restoration industry – and have been for a number of years. Cleaning and maintenance work is vital to ensure the preservation of iconic buildings in the city.”

Mark Styles

Thomann-Hanry® UK Managing Director

Our mission

Thomann-Hanry® are driven to provide complete and responsive environmentally friendly cleaning and restoration of building façades. The company is committed to meeting its clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations through a unique, convenient, fast and dry cleaning process. Our people strive to establish long-lasting ongoing working relationships.

Our vision

Our aim is to become the preferred choice for cleaning and restoration projects in London and across the UK. At Thomann-Hanry®, we excel in every facet of our operations, setting impeccable standards.


Every decision we make is imbued with our core ethics and company values:

  • The highest levels of integrity and confidentiality as our foremost standards of conduct.
  • We are customer-oriented, always striving to enhance quality and productivity.
  • We believe in a culture of collaboration, trust and loyalty.
  • High levels of training and direct employment of staff.
  • We prioritise the health and safety of our workforce.
  • We are committed to sustainable development.


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