Thomann-Hanry® offer a comprehensive service for the cleaning, upkeep and repatination of all bronze sculpture, shopfronts and architectural metalwork.


We are able to provide detailed technical advice regarding bronze patination and maintenance.

Bronze restoration: patination, maintenance and repatination

From gates, escutcheons and lift doors to roof cladding, façades and architraves, bronze is an attractive integral architectural component that enhances the appearance of many historical buildings. However, as a material, it is prone to corrosion and fatigue and therefore requires proactive maintenance combined, when necessary, with expert bronze restoration.

Bronze repatination

Typically, the urban environment is not kind to bronze – in the longer run, deterioration, oxidation and corrosion are unavoidable, with the affected surfaces normally turning green and losing the bronze appearance. In these instances, Thomann-Hanry® offer both expert, targeted repatination as well as complete bronze restoration.

The bronze is stripped back to the bare metal before the patina is re-applied, waxed and buffed by hand to achieve the desired metalwork’s appearance.

The process of bronze patination involves the application of various chemicals to the metal to achieve the patina required. Having achieved the desired colour, the bronze is wax or lacquer-sealed to protect the surface and maintain a natural sheen.


Bronze maintenance

Exposed to the elements, along with dirt, grime and urine residues, bronze patination will inevitably deteriorate over time. However, to mitigate remedial works, a scheduled maintenance regime is highly recommended – regular bronze cleaning helps optimise the appearance of your building throughout the year as well as reducing the extent and frequency of restoration and repatination work.


By choosing Thomann-Hanry® you no longer need to seek a separate party to carry out bronze restoration.

If you are looking for bronze care, contact Thomann-Hanry® for test samples and a bespoke solution.

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