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The ultimate CPD seminar on façades

Shaping perception of its value, performance and architectural worth, a building’s façade has increasingly become recognised as a key factor in the commercial success of a property.

CPD seminars on ‘Understanding dry non-abrasive façade cleaning’.

Thomann-Hanry®’s CPD on façade cleaning has been approved and previously accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) CPD Providers Network. We regularly carry out CPD presentations to architects, building consultants, building surveyors, facility managers, and commercial property owners.

What is a CPD seminar?

Used across many professional bodies, ‘Continued Professional Development’ enables professionals to manage their own development on an ongoing basis. It also helps ensure that they continually update and improve their skillset and knowledge.

It is mandatory for architects and architectural technologists in Britain to undertake at least 35 hours of learning throughout the year – or a minimum of 100 learning points. A CPD course is self-certifying, with points awarded according to the learning content entailed.

Our CPD seminars

The learning objective of our CPD session is to gain a better understanding of dry non-abrasive façade cleaning and how it compares to other more traditional methods.

This seminar takes an in-depth look at traditional façade cleaning methods and their characteristics in order to understand both their benefits and their drawbacks.

We examine issues of access, water and waste containment in relation to these traditional methods, as well as potential impacts on both building occupiers and the public. We then explore a dry, non-abrasive alternative method and how, through its use, the above issues are minimised and the benefits of speed, value and sustainability are maximised.

Taking approximately 45 minutes, the Thomann-Hanry® CPD seminar are carried out at your offices to coincide with your staff or team meetings if preferred.

A certificate of attendance will be issued after the event and delegates will also receive a handout of our presentation for future reference.

Register for our façade cleaning CPD seminar

If you would like to arrange a CPD seminar, we would be delighted to hear from you. We can also organise tailored events across the country.

Contact us directly on 020 8453 1494 or e-mail to register your interest.

Our material has been approved and previously accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) CPD Providers Network. Our CPD is also available at the Chartered Institute of Buildings (CIOB) Academy portal.



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