Stonemasonry at its best

A natural specialist extension of our façade cleaning business, our restoration team offers a comprehensive service and enables us to tender for works that would traditionally be carried out from scaffolding.


The team’s remit is broad and encompasses every aspect of masonry conservation, from the repair of historic stonework, statuary and monuments to the production of new architectural masonry. Demonstrating best practices in all aspects of stonemasonry, our specialist team performs traditional skills and craftsmanship in state-of-the-art facilities.

Specialist stonemasonry services

Our range of specialist stonemasonry services includes cutting and carving stone, from corbels and cornices to small indents, as well as the production of new architectural masonry as required.

To avoid unnecessary replacement of materials, we repair and structurally consolidate wherever possible. The same goes for re-pointing, which we only carry out where necessary, preserving the appearance and integrity of otherwise sound historic masonry. Selectively repairing or replacing only where it is truly required helps preserve the original character of ancient heritage buildings.

We also perform surface consolidation, including grouting and conservation resin repair, as well as pre-mix render repairs for re-shaping mouldings and carvings.

With all stonemasonry capabilities in-house, works can be coordinated in parallel with complementary aspects of façade restoration and maintenance, providing clients with a comprehensive and perfectly aligned service. This joined-up approach to conservation also means our stonemasons can carry out on-site work from the MEWPs.

Agile and able to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, our hydraulic platforms have a range of 37 metres (12 storey) range, meaning no part of any historic building is out of reach.

Thomann-Hanry® are proud to offer the benefits of highly specialised, traditional craftsmanship within the scope of a company known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to conservation.

“Stonemasonry is an ancient craft and a singular skill. You can always recognise a particular mason’s work – no two masons, given a similar piece of stone, will end up with the same result. For a stonemason, having the opportunity to work on projects such as King’s College is an honour and a privilege, and at Thomann-Hanry®, we are proud to work on important restoration projects across the UK, helping conservationists to protect our heritage for future generations.”

Thomann-Hanry® Senior Stone Mason

Thomann-Hanry® have invested heavily in providing purpose-built facilities for stonemasonry work at our dedicated workshop annexe at our Park Royal depot, including an industry-leading dry-extraction system and a silent running compressor to provide world-class filtration and clean breathing air for our air-fed helmets.

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