façade gommage® is the new approach that lifts decades of dirt in days


Resoundingly positive feedback from delighted property owners and managers underlines the effectiveness of façade gommage®. London’s Maybourne Group, who run Claridges, The Connaught and The Berkeley, sum up the advantages of this innovative approach to exterior renovation, “Thomann-Hanry® delivered results quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, without disruption to our guests. Loss of revenue was completely minimised, and the hotels were able to function entirely as normal, throughout the summer, while the works took place.”

Concerns about pollution and its effects on our capital city are rising to the top of political and commercial agendas. façade gommage®, therefore, is that most timely of innovations, not only a new solution to an age-old problem but faster, safer, more effective and more environmentally friendly than any of the traditional processes it replaces.

An innovative process, equally suited to historic and contemporary buildings

The beauty of facade gommage ® lies in its versatility. As effective on modern buildings as it is on historic and heritage structures, it’s a process that redefines renovation. Better still, because it’s carried out from a lorry-mounted hydraulic boom, no scaffolding is required – so it’s agile, offers greater reach and, above all, speed. All other façade cleaning processes require scaffolding, which is time consuming, unsightly and can compromise security.

The scaffold-free aspect also enables us to accommodate our clients’ time constraints. The cleaning can take place during specific times due to the quick set up and speed of cleaning, meaning guests aren’t inconvenienced – and clients don’t think the premises are closed.

  • Cleaning is fast and non-intrusive.
  • Business can function as usual.
  • No loss of revenue.
  • Minimal or zero disruption to guests and occupants.

Discover how façade gommage® can transform the exterior of your building.