A new approach to building façade cleaning that lifts decades of dirt in days

façade gommage® means renovation through innovation

Quietly, with minimal fuss and almost by stealth, a new approach to building façade cleaning is steadily breathing new life into London’s streetscene. Often unseen by the capital’s commuters and nine to five workers, it’s a process that has rejuvenated landmarks such as The Bank of England and Somerset House, turning the clock back decades, even centuries, in a matter of days. As a process innovation, it is arguably the most important step forward in building renovation ever seen in a city known the world over for its iconic architecture. Pioneered and patented by Thomann-Hanry®, this process is façade gommage®.

façade gommage® building façade cleaning infographic

building facade cleaning


We offer RIBA-approved CPD seminars on building façade cleaning. During our seminars, we take an in-depth look at traditional façade cleaning methods and their characteristics in order to understand both their benefits and their drawbacks.

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