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Reap the benefits of a clean façade

The benefits of a clean façade are more than just superficial. With our collective confidence in the world around us shaken by the effects of COVID-19 over recent months, everyone is subconsciously seeking reassurance in every aspect of their environment. And buildings can play a big part in this process. It’s always been true that a dirty and unkempt façade undermines confidence amongst workers and visitors to any building, regardless of age or sector.

A regular regime of periodic façade cleaning also helps identify structural issues sooner, enabling problems to be addressed earlier and remedied appropriately. So as well as inspiring confidence amongst all who visit and work in the building, a clean façade is far likelier to be a sound façade.

Scaffold-free façade cleaning and restoration

The process of cleaning itself is a profound statement of intent on the part of business operators. Our system is faster, non-disruptive and less expensive. In a matter of days, façade gommage® can yield transformational effects – not only on the appearance of a building but on the morale and buy-in of all who visit and work there.

Moreover, as the process is carried out from a lorry-mounted hydraulic boom, it achieves a step-change in the appearance of the building – without scaffolding or any of its downsides.

Get in touch to discover how our work processes and systems can minimise disruption and maximise efficiencies by working without scaffolding.

About Thomann-Hanry®

Thomann-Hanry® are one of the UK’s leading property restoration specialists, having forged a reputation for remarkable non-scaffold transformations using a unique process called façade gommage® – the world’s leading scaffold-free, dry and non-abrasive facade cleaning technology. It is the only system specifically designed to professionally clean building façades without the need for scaffolding, enabling businesses to function normally while works are taking place. The company work as main contractor carrying out all elements of facade restoration work with minimal disruption.

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