Public Realm Cleaning – The everyday appearance of the public realm areas leading to, and surrounding your buildings, be they office, retail, or hospitality premises are an important commercial consideration, which can affect perceptions of your business. Sadly, many building owners and property managers will neglect these areas or leave them as an afterthought.

Perceptions matter, and customers, occupants, and visitors will notice these shabby and grubby areas more than those areas which have been cleaned. From paved areas, forecourts, steps, and ramps, every surface contributes to the overall presentation of a building and its sense of welcome.

Public Realm Cleaning – Not overlooking what’s underfoot

Unlike building façades, external floors and low-level areas are at the mercy of not only the elements year-round but also constant human interaction. In more exposed, high traffic zones, staining, fouling, and build-up of oil, chewing gum, and other semi-permanent marks will take their toll; in lower footfall areas spores multiply and algae thrives.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning

In high-traffic city centre areas, out of the way nooks can also be a magnet for public urination, with the unwanted biological soiling and odour generation which can result. Likewise, in places with ledges, eaves and other positions suitable for perching, the area below, no matter the methods used as deterrents, can often be splattered with bird waste.

Experts in paving cleaning and protection – no matter the surface

Whilst we at Thomann-Hanry® are best known for the pioneering use of our patented façade gommage® technique, our expertise in public realm cleaning is also regularly called upon by many of our commercial clients. Using DiBO cleaning systems, all external flooring surfaces are gently, but thoroughly cleaned using superheated water under low pressure.

Professional Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The application of this sector-leading technology is important – concrete, paved and stone surfaces can appear hard wearing and durable, but alternative, higher-pressure techniques and jet washing can cause cracking and indentation, as well as breaking up or dislodging surrounding pointing. With DiBO machinery, we’re able to guarantee a spotless finish with absolutely no collateral damage.

From natural stone materials such as Marble, Granite, Yorkstone, and Slate, to man-made block paving in brick, and cement paving slabs, this versatile cleaning process is kind to all substrates. The effective removal of dirt and stains (such as rust staining) without the use of chemical cleaning allows for a maintenance cleaning without additional cleaning products. The hygiene stone cleaning process offers outdoor cleaning and pavement cleaning for sterilised public areas through the use of high quality cleaning methods.

The use of high temperature steam leaves a surface that’s sterilised upon completion, eradicating the biological spores that lead to re-growth of algae. While our cleaning solution is superior to regular cleaning options such as power washing and pressure washers which damages the surface over the longer term, we also offer a topical treatment which will extend the length of time between cleaning.

Longer term protection and stain reduction

The application of our range of Aqua Fend® products further protects surfaces, impregnating them and extending intervals between cleans for years. Invisible and UV resistant, Aqua Fend® contains 0.0% VOCs, is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, solvent and silicone-free, environmentally friendly protection solution. For more information about Aqua Fend® please click here.

As with our other cleaning and restoration processes, all equipment, personnel and expertise are in-house – nothing is subcontracted. This also enables us to work flexibly to meet client requirements. Out-of-hours, overnight, weekend and bank holiday working are regularly undertaken, achieving outstanding results with minimal disruption to building occupants, visitors and passers-by.

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