Scaffold-free facade cleaning

First impressions count. The exterior of your building influences a visitor’s opinion – even before they set foot inside. Thomann-Hanry®’s patented façade gommage® facade cleaning system is the solution you need to optimise the curb appeal of your business. Our unique scaffold-free facade cleaning yields impressive results with minimal disruption. Our system is water and chemical-free, with impeccable green credentials.
Bring your building back to life saving time and money.

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Stone restoration

Thomann-Hanry® are all about innovation in facade cleaning and improvement. Our dedicated restoration team is no different. Whether it’s restoring a building from specialist platforms or any other method, we implement the best solution to enable us to work efficiently, effectively and with minimal inconvenience to our clients. Our expanding team includes highly skilled banker masons and fixer masons, alongside a team of specialist restorers who have worked on a wide range of projects across the UK.

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Building survey

The starting point of the process of facade cleaning and restoration is a comprehensive facade survey and analysis. During the building inspection, we record all visible defects with our bespoke survey software. All issues are highlighted and a digital façade drawing is produced, including before-and-after visuals based on the recommended restoration technique.
Our building surveys are done by our own Mobile Elevated Platforms (MEWPs), which are also available for hire.

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Façade maintenance

Thomann-Hanry® have all of the required equipment, expertise and capabilities in-house for inspection and maintenance of buildings of all sizes and ages. We operate a fleet of agile truck-mounted MEWPs and access platforms which means we can work without the need for time-consuming, costly and unsightly scaffolding. Facade inspection, maintenance and repairs can be carried out expediently and efficiently.
Prolong the lifespan of your property, maximise your budgets, protect your people and promote the face of your business.

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Painting and decorating

The character and condition of the windows defines the overall appearance of a facade – and nowhere more so than on historic buildings. Thomann-Hanry® have a proven track record of best practice and industry-leading techniques in the preservation, repair and upkeep of the windows and all other timberwork and metalwork on historic buildings. Better still, we always work from MEWPs, avoiding the need to shroud a building in unsightly scaffolding for months on end.

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What people say

  • "Not having to use scaffold on the building really influenced our decision to go with Thomann-Hanry®. It makes the works really flexible compared to having a big scaffold. We have not only done the façade cleaning, but the restoration and conservation, window repair and decoration; and the works were all up to a very high standard. I fully endorse Thomann-Hanry® to work on buildings such as this."

  • “The efficiency and speed with which Thomann-Hanry® were able to complete the project have been astounding.”

  • “Despite the presence of exceptionally high levels of pollution which had accumulated on the limestone façade over many years, Thomann-Hanry® were able to clean the entire seven-storey building façade in just two days. They organised all the permits and managed the site so that the work could be undertaken on one of London’s busiest streets without disrupting traffic, pedestrians, retailers or office workers. Their operation was excellent and, best of all, the building’s appearance was transformed.”

  • "Painting the exterior wood & metalwork on a 6 storey five star, grade II Listed building in the busy Marylebone area has not been an easy task. The combined complication issues of occupancy, parking restrictions compounded by adverse weather conditions have been managed extremely well between the Hotel management team and Thomann-Hanry®. The quality of workmanship, attention to detail and cooperation has been exemplary. I would highly recommend Thomann-Hanry® to any company considering an alternative to the traditional scaffolding approach."

  • “By cleaning masonry without reliance on chemicals, water or detergent, façade gommage® is a preferred choice for the preservation of historical buildings as well as being much faster, cheaper and less disruptive.”

  • "I was very pleased with the professionalism and communication of Thomann-Hanry® and their team – especially when faced with last minute issues unforeseen until arriving on site. We are delighted this project was completed on time and to the clients' satisfaction. I have already put Thomann-Hanry® forward on further projects."

  • "We couldn't be happier with Thomann-Hanry®'s work on the refurbishment of the Rosewood, London. They not only achieve a great aesthetic result but did so with the optimum of efficiency and flexibility such to avoid inconvenience to our guests. I would have no hesitation in working with Thomann-Hanry® again."

About Thomann-Hanry®

Thomann-Hanry® are one of the UK’s leading property restoration specialists, having forged a reputation for remarkable non-scaffold transformations using a unique process called façade gommage® – the world’s leading scaffold-free, dry and non-abrasive facade cleaning technology. It is the only system specifically designed to professionally clean building façades without the need for scaffolding, enabling businesses to function normally while works are taking place. The company work as main contractor carrying out all elements of facade restoration work with minimal disruption.

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