We speed up facade cleaning turning the clock back centuries for historical buildings… in a matter of days.

Restoring iconic structures such as Claridges, Reform Club and Somerset House to their former glories, Thomann-Hanry® have won not only industry acclaim and awards but also the kudos of working alongside bodies such as Historic England.

Our patented façade gommage® process has found favour with conservationists, just as it has with commercial operators, for a number of reasons. The method’s effectiveness, its security and the eco-friendly alternative it offers compared to other, more conventional alternatives, have proved key differentiators for property owners and managers. However, its convenience and speed mean that façade gommage® operates on another level entirely. Unlike any alternative cleaning method, all of which require unsightly scaffolding and the delays it can entail, it is a fast facade cleaning method.

The blistering speed of façade gommage® sets it apart. For all building operators, especially those in the hospitality and retail sectors, time is money – cleaning up to 500 square metres per working day, façade gommage® is carried out from a cabin mounted on a hydraulic boom, making it agile, precise and able to reach areas out of reach to conventional methods.

Most cleaning processes entail long-winded preparation. Water-based systems like nebulous spray, DOFF and TORC, as well as dry abrasion, necessitate all windows being sheeted and taped. By contrast, the only requirement for façade gommage® is that windows are closed – taping is only carried out to eliminate the ingress of dust and is therefore not always necessary. You will speed up your facade cleaning project as the Thomann-Hanry® team can be actively cleaning within just two hours of arriving on site.

Water-based abrasion systems are also prone to delays caused by time spent on optimising water flow, exacerbated by fluctuations in pressure. Apart from the negligible amount of water recycled through the dust collection phase of the process, façade gommage® operates independently of any external services – minimising vulnerability to external services such as power and water and, as a result, eliminating the risk of downtime and delays.

Watch a short video on how façade gommage® can speed up facade cleaning works,  filmed at Somerset House in London.

“The efficiency and speed with which Thomann-Hanry® were able to complete the project was astounding.”

Stephen Boxall

The Ritz Hotel Managing Director