“A shining light of excellence in considerate construction”
More success winning the ‘Most Considerate Company Award’ for Thomann-Hanry® in the Considerate Constructors Scheme awards.

…so what’s the secret?

Thomann-Hanry® have been, once again, crowned “Most Considerate Company” in the £3.5m to £10m category of the Considerate Constructors Scheme Awards for 2021. This accolade follows hard on the heels of Gold Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019, with the company declared Runners Up twice and outright winner twice over that period.

In bestowing the 2021 title, Thomann-Hanry® were highly commended by the CCS on “care and consideration shown towards the public and workforce”, with the award statement concluding, “Thomann-Hanry® are a shining light of excellence in considerate construction.”

Starting with a Bronze Award in 2015, it’s been an unprecedented run of acclaim for the company in one of the industry’s most prestigious awards. But what is the secret of their serial success?

Five key categories

The CCS award is based on scores in five categories – “Care about Appearance”, “Respect the Community”, “Protect the Environment”, “Secure Everyone’s Safety” and “Value their Workforce”. The company’s performance against these criteria was assessed across two working site visits and one attendance at their head office in Park Royal, NW10, enabling the Considerate Constructors Scheme to witness the company’s working practices at close hand.

“Looking back, our re-brand in 2017 was a key turning point and represented a giant leap forward for the company”, comments Thomann-Hanry® Managing Director Mark Styles. “With the new brand in place across our premises, vehicle fleet and staff apparel, the uplift in the sense of pride in the company was immediately tangible. All of the team benefited from an enhanced sense of belonging, and this elevated mindset strengthened corporate unity and purpose throughout the business. It was truly transformational.”

The re-brand has also played a significant role in the company’s high score for “Care about Appearance”, with the CCS concluding, “the overall appearance of the company at work creates an outstanding and diverse image of construction at its best.” Consistently applied, with staff uniforms and vehicles presented in as close to pristine condition as possible, the strength of the Thomann-Hanry® brand shines through.

The clean, modern branding continues to engender a high level of trust and confidence amongst everyone their staff come into contact with, from clients and building occupants to passers-by. It’s tempting to draw parallels between the transformational effects of the company’s re-brand with those of its patented scaffold-free façade gommage® process which, time and again, restores the exteriors of historic and more modern buildings to their original splendour. For their part, the CCS simply referred to façade gommage® as “an outstanding innovation – unequalled.”

Community and environment

Conventional renovation and building works can, by their very nature, be disruptive to neighbouring properties and passing pedestrian and vehicular traffic – not to mention the inconvenience and obstruction of scaffolding. By working from agile truck-mounted Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, all projects undertaken with façade gommage® are completed with minimal negative impacts on their environs – and no scaffolding. In awarding Thomann-Hanry® 9 out of 9 points in the “Respecting the Community” category, the CCS praised “the exceptional planning and execution of the works made possible by the specialist kit bespoke to the company has virtually eliminated any impact from them”, adding that “commendable steps are in place to cause as little disruption to the public.”

Using minimal amounts of water, façade gommage® also boasts impeccable environmental credentials – a key factor in the maximum score achieved by the company in the awards’ “Protect the Environment” category. Water, however, is only part of the equation.

The judging panel also noted that “the company’s innovative methodology to execute the works is effective in minimising or eliminating environmental forms of air, noise and vibration pollution” and “there is minimal dust created and limited environmental risks from spillages.”

Safety, welfare, and the workforce

Thomann-Hanry® also drew high praise for innovation in – and commitment to – all safety aspects across their operations. The inspector applauded the company’s “bespoke pedestrian tunnel designed by themselves” and noted that “training is ongoing to encourage continuous safety improvement, I was astounded by the R&D demonstrated to me at Head Office.” In conclusion, the CCS commended “an outstanding development of exceptional systems and controls to care for the safety of the public, building occupants and the workforce.”

Staff welfare provisions, both on-site and at head office, were also acclaimed. “The company welfare vans provide a level of comfort to rival any site set up, including fridge, microwave, WC, changing area, rest/eating area, and USB jack-points. These are supported by an outstanding, recently refurbished head office recreation and canteen facility that is progressive and homely in its layout and content.”

The judging panel went on to note that “the ethos at this company is one of brotherhood.” and concluded, “They provide a support for their workforce that goes above and beyond what an employer might be expected to offer. These are the exceptional qualities the proprietor wants in place to support his workforce, his care for them is apparent.”

Ultimately, the continued success enjoyed by Thomann-Hanry® in the Considerate Constructors Scheme awards is a reflection of the company’s commitment to best practice across every aspect of its operations.

A commitment that aligns it fully with today’s enhanced industry standards of care not only for buildings but for people and the environment.

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