Cleaning building facades efficiently, swiftly and to the highest standards

Thomann-Hanry® were established in 1946 by Robert Thomann, in Paris. Over the years, the company refined and perfected the façade gommage® masonry cleaning system, developing the unique, low-pressure, dry and scaffold-free façade cleaning process we use today.

Thomann-Hanry®’s façade gommage® is the only system specifically designed to professionally clean exterior building facades without the need for scaffolding, enabling businesses to function normally while works are in progress.

Holding certified environmentally friendly credentials, as it does not require gallons of water or any chemicals, the system was patented in 1985. Today, the façade gommage® cleaning technique is in high demand to restore many of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Thomann-Hanry® are the most comprehensive partner to help clean and restore your building facades as well as caring for your interior stonework.

Established in the UK since 2005, Thomann-Hanry® UK have grown as an award-winning main contractor for external façade restoration using façade gommage®, the only system designed to professionally clean building façades without the need for scaffolding.

Our restoration teams work on professional façade restoration, masonry repairs and external building refurbishment, and our Specialist Stone Care division specialises in graffiti removal, the application of coatings and the stripping and re-polishing of all stone floors. We also survey the interior of buildings, advice on periodic floor cleaning and provide maintenance for all types of natural stone flooring.

In addition to cleaning and restoring, we developed Aqua Fend®, which is a range of four exclusive products to protect buildings, pavements and floors against a multitude of unwanted contaminants.

“Thomann-Hanry® are at the forefront of the exterior stone cleaning and restoration industry – and have been for a number of years. Cleaning and maintenance work is vital to ensure the preservation of iconic buildings in the city.”

Mark Styles

Thomann-Hanry® UK Managing Director

Quality Assurance at all levels

Quality, a source of competitive advantage, should stand as a hallmark of any company’s products and services.

Thomann-Hanry® have a dedicated department that takes Quality Assurance, health, safety and the environment very seriously. It differentiates us in the market, instilling in our employees a commitment to ensuring that all aspects of health, safety and care for the environment are observed in all of our activities.

We have a robust QA Management System which underpins the development of all of our products and services. In turn, this enhances customer confidence and our credibility, improving work processes, increasing efficiency and maintaining the company’s competitive advantage.

At Thomann-Hanry®, we strive to enhance quality and productivity through a culture of collaboration, trust, and loyalty. All of our professionals and operatives are highly qualifiedc and result-oriented, driven to going the extra mile to meet our client’s demands.