Gently reviving the timeless charm of The Beaumont Hotel façade.


8 Balderton St, Brown Hart Gardens, London W1K 6TF




previously painted masonry & metalwork

Surface area

1,600 sq. m.

Project duration

5-6 weeks

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The Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair

Recently, The Beaumont underwent a gentle refurbishment of its façades, a meticulous process undertaken by the skilled painting team at Thomann-Hanry®.

Property history

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, The Beaumont Hotel stands as a testament to timeless elegance, its façade whispering tales of a bygone era. Originally built in 1926 as a garage, this architectural gem underwent a transformation to emerge as the prestigious hotel we know today since 2014.

Stepping into The Beaumont is like stepping back in time, where the spirit of Art Deco permeates every nook and cranny. From its opulent bars and restaurants to its serene spa, the hotel exudes a sense of grandeur steeped in history.

Increased curb appeal by restoring the façades

Recently, The Beaumont underwent a gentle refurbishment of its façades. The works encompassed redecoration, remedial works, and canopy cleaning, breathing new life into the exterior while preserving its distinctive Art Deco charm. From masonry painting to metalwork touch-ups, every detail was handled with precision and care by our teams.

How we operate with minimal disruption

What sets Thomann-Hanry® apart is the innovative approach to access. Avoiding traditional scaffolding, the team utilised mobile access platforms, minimising costs and disruptions to the hotel’s daily operations. With the flexibility to relocate machinery as needed, the project proceeded seamlessly, causing minimal inconvenience to guests and the main entrance area.

In this delicate play between innovation and preservation, The Beaumont Hotel emerges rejuvenated yet faithful to its heritage. The careful restoration of its exterior pays homage to an earlier era, ensuring that its timeless elegance continues to enchant generations to come.


At Thomann-Hanry®, our painters and decorators are not just craftsmen, they’re guardians of history. Trained in the repair, maintenance, and conservation of joinery by the Repair Care International Dulux Academy, they bring expertise and passion to every project.

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