The effective facade cleaning solution that’s restoring architectural gems to their former glories.

Since establishing in the UK in 2005, Thomann-Hanry® have returned some of the UK’s most iconic buildings to their pristine, original splendour. Winding the clock back by as much as 300 years on landmarks such as King’s College Cambridge, The Ritz, the Bank of England and Somerset House, our patented façade gommage® technique stands apart from alternative processes thanks to its convenience and speed, its security, its impeccable eco-friendly credentials and its sheer effectiveness. Fundamentally different in nature to any other cleaning method, time and again it is this effectiveness that has won acclaim from property owners, managers and industry experts alike.

With none of the risks of over-saturation of brickwork and masonry that are unavoidably associated with traditional nebulous spray, DOFF and TORC cleaning systems, façade gommage® projects ultra-fine dry particles onto the areas to be cleaned, dispersing them under low pressure across the surface. This has the effect of gently rubbing the dirt away, as opposed to water and air-based abrasion systems which blast the surface, with all the risks of collateral damage that this entails. The result? No abrasion or increase in material roughness and impressive results in double-quick time.

The risk of damage to carved areas, particularly prevalent on older buildings, can also present a significant challenge for conventional wet and dry abrasion methods. Façade gommage®, on the other hand, maintains the spectacular performance it achieves on flat surfaces equally well on carvings – with the powder flowing around ornate carvings and cleaning perfectly across a variety of substrates.

The process is also highly effective in terms of its reach. Carried out from a cabin mounted on a hydraulic boom, façade gommage® is highly agile and can reach tight, restricted access areas that are out of bounds to traditional cleaning methods.  Similarly, with the ability to extend upwards to 42 metres (14 storeys) in height from its lorry-mounted boom, façade gommage® stands head and shoulders above alternative cleaning processes that rely on scaffolded access.

Watch a short video on façade gommage® and its transformational effects,  filmed at Somerset House in London.


“The setup and cleaning process is remarkably quick as they do not use scaffold and, most importantly, the results are outstanding.”

Andrew Churchill

The Dorchester Hotel Chief Engineer

Visit our YoutTube channel to watch other videos of façade gommage® in action.

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