The partnership – Thomann-Hanry® and NeroQom®

With modern 100% glass-metal building façades constituting an ever-growing percentage of London’s skyline, we are increasingly asked by our clients to clean and restore the metal elements of the façade we work on. Metal cleaning on façades, maintenance and renovation is a highly specialised field and calls for a uniquely dedicated skillset.

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For this reason, we partner with NeroQom® from the Netherlands who offer the knowledge and expertise to eliminate damage, degradation and heavy contamination. We are now able to define the best recovery procedure for the glass and the specific metals on a building’s façade, devising bespoke solutions for sustainable maintenance.
Metal and glass services

By choosing Thomann-Hanry® you no longer need to seek a separate party to carry out works on the glass-metal surfaces in your building.

If you’ve identified metal degradation problems in your building, contact Thomann-Hanry® to discuss a detailed survey and test samples for a bespoke solution.

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