Conduit Street redecoration works, another prime case study.


14-15 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XJ




red brick & previously painted masonry

Surface area

700 sq. m.

Project duration

5 weeks

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Revitalising heritage — Conduit Street redecoration works.

Tucked away in the vibrant center of Mayfair, at the corner of Mill Street and Conduit Street, stands a beacon of historic significance — 14-15 Conduit Street.

Once the prestigious West End headquarters of Rolls-Royce, the building holds a storied past, commemorated by a blue plaque honouring Charles Rolls, the Pioneer of Motoring and Aviation.

Recently, this prime period building underwent a transformation by Thomann-Hanry® teams, renowned for their expertise in façade restoration.

Restoring 14-15 Conduit Street

The focal point of the restoration effort was the upper façade, where years of exposure had taken their toll on the brick and stonework. Utilising façade gommage®, our non-scaffolding proprietary process, being a self-contained system proved to be the ideal solution, offering unparalleled speed and convenience in the bustling heart of Mayfair.

In addition, Thomann-Hanry® undertook a comprehensive redecoration project, addressing areas of previously painted surfaces. Every detail was meticulously attended to, from the timber windows and doors to the corroded sections of metal downpipes.

To safeguard the restored façade against the ravages of time and weather, Aqua Fend®, a colourless, water-based surface protection product, was applied to preserve the integrity of the brickwork and stonework and to minimise ongoing maintenance by repelling water and other contaminants.

By marrying modern restoration techniques with a deep respect for heritage, Thomann-Hanry® have breathed new life into 14-15 Conduit Street, ensuring that its elegance will endure for generations to come.




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