Building cleaning experts breathing new life into the heart of London.

A quiet revolution is taking place in St James’s, London’s prestigious corporate hub in the City of Westminster. Working with some of the capital’s largest property owners, here at Thomann-Hanry® we’ve been transforming the façades of many of the district’s most iconic buildings, offering building cleaning services and removing a lifetime of grime to reveal these magnificent structures as they first appeared in the 17th century.

As one of the UK’s leading property restoration specialists, we’ve applied our patented façade gommage® technique. This method projects fine, sharp powders under compressed air to gently loosen, lift and remove layers of dirt, leaving the underlying stonework undamaged and in its bright, original state. With work now complete on over 30 Listed buildings within the borough, including The Ritz, The Reform Club and The Institute of Directors, façade gommage® is slowly but surely transforming St James’s back to its former glory.

With work now complete on over 30 Listed buildings within the borough, including The Ritz, The Reform Club and Sofitel St James’s, façade gommage® is slowly but surely transforming the streetscene and revitalising the district. Better still, as the process is carried out from a lorry-mounted cabin, the day to day lives of those living and working in St James’s have been unaffected – and the buildings themselves kept free of unsightly scaffolding from start to finish.

Restoration and renaissance in St James’s

Working meticulously on each building, our Survey teams also identified areas in need of restoration, repair or redecoration, including windows and timber. Where sections of masonry were beyond repair, our banker masons sourced and worked with matching materials to faithfully recreate replacement stones to slot invisibly into the existing structures.

As our uniquely gentle process is ideally suited to Listed buildings, we’re proud to have worked closely with Historic England and conservation teams on many iconic buildings – not only in London but across the UK – erasing decades and centuries of dirt and revealing the breathtaking beauty of this country’s proud architectural heritage.

Explore the aerial view of St James’s and the transformational effects that façade gommage® is bringing to historic buildings in the heart of London – we are counting at least 30 recently restored buildings.

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