A new approach to building facade cleaning that lifts decades of dirt in days

façade gommage® means renovation through innovation

Quietly, with minimal fuss and almost by stealth, a new approach to building facade cleaning is steadily breathing new life into London’s streetscene. Often unseen by the capital’s commuters and nine to five workers, it’s a process that has rejuvenated landmarks such as The Bank of England, The Ritz Hotel and Somerset House, turning the clock back decades, even centuries, in a matter of days. As a process innovation, it is arguably the most important step forward in building renovation ever seen in a city known the world over for its iconic architecture. Pioneered and patented by Thomann-Hanry®, this process is façade gommage®.

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Put simply, façade gommage® is a fast, secure, eco-friendly and highly effective alternative to traditional nebulous spray, TORC, DOFF and chemical cleaning processes. The process achieves remarkable results, with iconic building facades been restored to their former splendour by a technique that offers an altogether gentler approach than its more abrasive alternatives. Using negligible amounts of water, no chemicals and not a single pole of scaffolding, façade gommage® is changing the face of façade cleaning entirely.

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The smart and innovative building facade cleaning system

Many conventional façade cleaning processes involve blasting accumulated pollutants, grime and residues off the surface of a building, using vast quantities of water – with all of the environmental drawbacks that this entails.

façade gommage® approaches the problem from a completely different angle. Projected under low pressure from a cabin mounted on a hydraulic boom, ultrafine dry particles flow across all surfaces, gently rubbing away decades of dirt before being drawn away, filtered and collected through a water curtain for recycling. The particles themselves are aluminium silicate – a chemically inert by-product of aluminium smelting – so this revolutionary process starts and ends with recycling, underpinning its impeccable green credentials. 

We offer RIBA-accredited CPD seminars on façade cleaning. During our seminars, we take an in-depth look at traditional façade cleaning methods and their characteristics in order to understand both their benefits and their drawbacks.

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