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Our team at Thomann-Hanry® have a collaborative approach, working together towards the same shared vision and client objectives.

We believe our continued success lies in teamwork and the opportunity each team member has to learn, develop and grow. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

We take the time to plan every project thoroughly, so you can rest assured that every step of the process will be taken with due care and attention to detail – from administration and machinery to Quality Assurance inspections and meticulous reports.

Whether it’s exterior façade cleaning, restoration or stone floor work, regular meetings are held by the team. These involve every relevant department, enabling us to keep pace with improvements at every stage as your project progresses. Particular attention is given to planning and proactively advising of any potential changes before implementation.

Our management team brings together an impressive range of practical experience in construction, exterior façade cleaning, restoring and stone floor care, as well as world-class management techniques in Health & Safety and Quality Assurance.

We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, every day.

Meet the team

Mark Styles – Managing Director

Mark began his career in construction twenty years ago. Back in 2005, he first heard about a revolutionary system called ‘façade gommage®’, used in France for cleaning building facades. He introduced this system to the UK and in 2008 carried out Thomann-Hanry®’s first project – the ‘Grange Hotel Holborn’.

Since then, Mark has been continually developing the company and growing its range of services. Possessing a strong business and leadership record, he built Thomann-Hanry® into what it is today – the leading company in cleaning and restoration of buildings across the country.

The company reflects his outstanding work ethic and the sense of partnership he built with employees and partners along the way.

His primary interests are in Marketing and Mechanical Engineering.

Talk to Mark – [email protected]
T 020 3188 7816

Mark Styles, Thomann-Hanry® team

Anca Quyn, Thomann-Hanry® team

Anca Quyn – Office Manager

Anca has been with the company since 2009. She started when the team numbered only four and the company’s rapid growth has given her the opportunity to experience a variety of job roles, from Accounts to Project Planning. Today, her main responsibility lies in liaising with Councils for all required permits and project pre-arrangements. Through her vital day-to-day involvement, Anca is a key member of the team.

Talk to Anca – [email protected]
T 020 3188 7811

Andrew Jones – Operations Director

Andrew is an experienced Operations Director with an unrivalled track record of project delivery, organisation and budgetary control. He works to ensure that Thomann-Hanry® maintains its excellent standards of planning, performance and delivery in every project we undertake. Other skills include sourcing of materials, sub-contractor selection and critical equipment maintenance.

Assuring customer satisfaction is a fundamental aspect of our corporate philosophy, Andrew’s customer relations skills are a key attribute to his role in the company.

Talk to Andrew – [email protected]
T 020 3188 7817

Andrew Jones, Thomann-Hanry® team

Claudia Colombo, Thomann-Hanry® team

Claudia Colombo – Senior PR & Marketing Manager

Claudia joined Thomann-Hanry® to re-structure the Marketing Department and oversee all aspects of Public Relations and Marketing. Sixteen years’ experience in Marketing and Communications in the B2B field have given her the expertise to help establish Thomann-Hanry® as the UK’s leading building cleaning and restoration brands. In 2018, her rebrand project at Thomann-Hanry® was short-listed for ‘Best Branding and Positioning’ at the Construction Marketing Awards.

“Here at Thomann-Hanry® we don’t settle for following Marketing best practices, we invent best practices ourselves. We are not happy to simply follow the conventional playbook. Our view is that if we are going to spend a large slice of the time in the office, we have to make that time rewarding. That means staying original, thinking independently and being ambitious about how we differentiate our business.”

Talk to Claudia – [email protected]
T 020 3188 7812

Emma Cull, Thomann-Hanry® team

Emma Cull – Business Development Manager

With a love of both history and architecture, Emma is in her element when dealing with the Listed properties that need our sympathetic care and attention. Having trained for a legal career followed by eighteen years in media and project management, Emma’s meticulous and methodical approach ensures that clients are in safe hands when it comes to planning in venture with Thomann-Hanry®.

Talk to Emma – [email protected]
T 020 3188 7823

Carlo Pagliochini, Thomann-Hanry® team

Carlo Pagliochini – Senior Mechanical Chartered Engineer

Carlo is our in-house Mechanical Chartered Engineer. With over twenty years’ experience in the field, he designs steel structures and machines to facilitate our work. Starting with a detailed assessment of all structural capacity requirements, Carlo creates 3D models and FEA models of custom access equipment to meet the specific needs of any given project. Under Carlo’s leadership, Thomann-Hanry® Surveying and Engineering Department can design structures and machines to tackle any challenge.

Talk to Carlo – [email protected]
T 020 3188 7815

Andy Thomas, Thomann-Hanry® team

Andy Thomas – Business Development Manager

Andy brings with him highly specialised operational knowledge and a wealth of experience from within the cleaning and facilities industry. Key areas of expertise include surveying buildings and advising on periodic floor care, as well as restoration and maintenance of all types of natural stone flooring in high profile properties across London.

Together with his team, Andy is now establishing Specialist Stone Care as the market leader in the UK for natural stone restoration and periodic maintenance via his strong network of contacts in the hospitality, university and public sectors.

Andy focuses on developing relationships – his vast experience in preparing sales proposals helping Thomann-Hanry® to win many prestigious clients.

Talk to Andy – [email protected]
T 020 8453 1494
M 07979 615 043

Sven Brinkman – Metal Façade Consultant

It is 26 years since Sven began his career in the construction industry and the specialised field of cleaning glass-metal façades.

In 1999, a time when limescale and concrete stains were a widespread issue, he discovered a revolutionary concept in glass restoration. According to his findings, it became possible to restore glass without using aggressive products.

Sven established his own company in 2001, with the aim of continuing to develop bespoke products to tackle staining on glass, coated surfaces, anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Under his focused and ambitious leadership, the company is now established as a market leader in the restoration and protection of glass-metal building façades across Europe.
His work portfolio encompasses prestigious buildings such as The Rotterdam, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, NATO in Brussels, Bloomberg HQ in London and P21 in Stockholm, as well as airports, high-rise buildings and other commercial projects.

Sven now partners with Thomann-Hanry®,  rapidly propelling us to the forefront of the industry.

Whether projects are still under construction or already in existence, Sven is able to offer tailored consultancy and long-term maintenance solutions. Enthusiastic and passionate in his field of expertise, Sven travels the world researching the industry and continuing to develop niche specialist products and technologies.

Talk to Sven – [email protected]
T 020 8453 1494


To meet our ever-increasing workloads, Thomann-Hanry® are constantly recruiting high-quality stone masons, MEWP operators, crane drivers, C+E drivers, restores, carpenters, painters,  decorators and labourers.

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