Restoring St James’s to its former glory.

Home to British aristocracy in the 17th century, the heartland of gentlemen’s clubs in the 1800s and, today, the corporate hub of the City of Westminster, St James’s has always been one of London’s most prestigious districts.

However, preserving one of the highest concentrations of Grade I and II Listed buildings in one of the world’s busiest cities is a challenge. In collaboration with some of the capital’s largest property owners, Thomann-Hanry® have set about restoring St James’s to its former glory.

façade gommage®, the patented, non-scaffold cleaning process, has released elegant Portland stone elevations from decades of accumulated grime. Façades have been meticulously restored; windows have been redecorated; leadwork, asphalt and slate have been renewed. A remarkable transformation is underway.

Thomann-Hanry® are proud to be leading a process of rejuvenating that already number over 30 of Westminster’s greatest architectural treasures in St James’s.

restoring St James's